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l::set('nav.main.label', 'Primary');
l::set('nav.lang.label', 'Language select');
l::set('', 'Top');
l::set('footer.madewith', 'Made with');
l::set('footer.source', 'Source');
l::set('', '➪ Contact');
l::set('home-banner.learnmore', 'Learn more');
l::set('home-banner.learnmore.label', 'Learn more about my services');
l::set('', 'Contact');
l::set('', 'Name');
l::set('', 'Email address');
l::set('contact.message', 'Message');
l::set('contact.potty', 'Please leave this field blank');
l::set('contact.submit', 'Submit');
l::set('', 'Email');
l::set('', 'Please enter your name.');
l::set('', 'Please enter a valid email address.');
l::set('contact.message.success', 'Thank you for your message, I will get back to you soon.');
l::set('qdated.error', 'An error occured while displaying the email address. Please contact me via <a href="">Twitter</a> and tell me about this. Thank you!');