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Title: Imprint
# Legal information / imprint
The following information is required by German law.
**codesignd, Lukas Bestle**
Seidenstr. 7
72764 Reutlingen
USt-IdNr.: DE 300 983 590
<h2 id="contact">Contact</h2>
This email address is valid for one week, after which it expires. Emails to this address are received by me personally and are responded to as fast as possible. Together with my reply, you will get my permanently valid email address.
This process protects the email address against automated spam. Thank you for your understanding.
## Privacy
Visiting this website temporarily stores the following information:
- date and time of visit
- truncated IP address
- visited URL
- referrer (URL of the site you came from)
- version information of browser and operating system
The data is stored on the server of the website owner only. No data is circulated or combined with other data. All data is automatically deleted after four weeks.
### Contact form
When using the contact form, your information is sent to me via email. No data is circulated or combined with other data.